Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, August 10, 2015

This week was all about service, and loving other people. I feel like I learned a lot over the course of the last seven days. But service/love it's all just acting out of faith and when we put Heavenly Father first everything else works out. Whatever preoccupation or internal struggle we are facing with priorities turns out alright when we put Heavenly Father first. 

The most minor experience of the week was a huge moment for my mental stability, naturally we were on bikes. Bikes just always bring miracles when you are in over 100 degree heat. 
So we had been biking and visiting some less actives and referrals that we had to visit in McAllen, and we had about 5 minutes until we were going to grab dinner and I had a huge headache - probably because I don't drink nearly enough water (...working on it...), but we knocked one more door and ended up teaching a young mom and her sleeping 2 year old the Plan of Salvation. An hour later we got out to our bikes and S. Eggett was beaming, she was so happy to be able to knock door and teach, she did not want to stop. 
How could I look at her and be the one that was going to whimp-out and bike home just to waste time and eat? So I just said a prayer and asked that the next house we knock would give us water and I would be able to smile and feel as excited as S. Eggett looked...and we walked away from our bikes back to knock some more doors. 
Just as I let go of the whiner inside of me and finished my prayer, the cute young mom calls out to us and gives us each a giant 32 oz 'mountain blast powerade' - nothing has ever tasted so good. 

She served us, as I was trying to serve S. Eggett and we are both just out here trying to serve Heavenly Father. It was a good moment. 

Then at church we had a whole lesson all about service. When the question was asked, "Why would God need us to do something for another person that He can already do Himself?" And our recent convert Joe said, "Because those experiences when we do what He would do, make us more like Him and He can't force us to do it so service opportunities are chances to choose to do it." SO TRUE. 
Everything is about love and when the cute lady let us into her house and we were able to fold some of her baby clothes with her and then teach her about the Plan of Salvation, we served her and she served us before she had even given us the powerades but that is how Heavenly Father's plan works. When we serve one person, they intern are serving us and vice versa when we let someone serve us; both become better.

Other exciting news from this week, Karla got baptized and got the holy ghost this weekend and Joe got the priesthood, so much happiness. Love these people. 

con mucho amor
H mckenna Crawford

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