Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, August 24, 2015

One of the longer weeks of my mission is coming to a close with this email. So much happened within the last week, and yet not much was accomplished throughout the week. The only consistent bright spot was our lessons with Camila, who was baptized on sunday!

The start of the week was a little rough, as we had visitors for the first three nights. 'Sister Trainer Leaders' from the whole mission came down, along with all the other mission leaders for a special conference  - since our apartment is the closest to the mission office we got 4 extra sisters, a destroyed house and depleted food and shampoo/conditioner rations for the week. Basically I cocooned myself in our room, really I just planted on my bed since our carpet was covered in clothes and hair and all the other semi-disgusting things that girls bring into a home. 
The stress of the home, was magnified with all of our apointments, besides those with Camila, fell through from monday to thursday of this week. All of which accumulated into me being a slightly frustrated version of myself. 

Recently S Eggett also has been struggling with homesickness, and it doesn't help that I am getting closer to the end of my mission. But we sat down and decided to make a new goal to 'focus' which required that our 'hearts be in the right place'. 
I sat down and worked out my reasons for doing each thing in the day, and then studied, "heart" in the Bible Dictionary and Topical Guide.
Turns out that H. Father judges us based on our desires, hopes and wishes - the "treasures of our hearts" and even though we hadn't seen much success in talking to people or accomplishing those things that we had hoped to accomplish throughout the week - it was all going to be okay if we were doing everything for the right reason. 

Cute Story from Sunday: Camila was fasting for her baptism, and she had been planning this fast for the last two weeks - she was so excited and nervous. Well in the middle of sunday school, I feel this 'tap tap' on my shoulder and turn over to a panicked Camila - she says, "Sister, I was really trying and I have been praying all day to stay focused on it but I just forgot...But now it's all good for nothing, what do I do?" ...turns out when she went to the bathroom in the middle of sunday school someone gave her a little pretzel and she ate it. She was devastated. I laughed and told her just to say a prayer and tell Heavenly Father what she had done, and that everything was okay. 
I knew that H. Father wasn't mad at her.
He is proud of our efforts, no matter how weak we are, we can then continue to improve. 

thanks for the love and support, 
H mckenna Crawford

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