Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, August 31, 2015

I just had a wave crash over me of my appreciation for families this week. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can be sealed with our families forever. I love my family so much, like who doesn't want to spend time and all eternity with the only people that made this life bearable. 

Now working with the 'young single adult' congregation is a blast and one bonus is that I have felt a lot healthier due to the decrease in dinner apt but this week and especially the last couple days, we were invited into the homes of the families of our members and it was so much fun! We got to play with little kids and share spiritual thoughts with families about eternal families. I remembered how much I missed eating while laughing and trying to round kids up to eat, there is just a special spirit there.

Then this weekend we went over to Elder and S. Well's home (they are a pair of senior missionaries from the office) and we learned how to make apple pie, two different types of quiche, and the crust all by ourselves! 

She is absolutely a mission grandma for me, I am going to seriously miss this cute woman.

 But even that experience, deepened my love for my real grandmas and the principle of 'eternal families', because our grandparents - great grandparents - great great grandparents...they can all be there if we all choose to live the gospel. 
I left multiple homes feeling extremely sick due to the over-sized quantity of food in by belly but then I paused and realized, "I was just full of love." I haven't been that 'full of love' since coming down to work with the ysa and that's because that "fullness of love" is only found within the family unit. 

This also turned my mind to remember the real reason that I am on a mission, to help people be with their families forever. None of this 'eternal family happiness' would be possible without the restoration of the gospel. People have got to know this is the way to being 'full of happiness' in heaven; cause heaven will not be heaven without my family. 
Also since, I knew I was going to be writing all about how much I love and kinda miss my eternal family - when logging onto emails I opened up to pictures of uncle glenn in a hospital bed and then another of a reconstructed/stitched up forearm - grateful your okay glenn! We'll have heaven since we're family, and that is awesome!

lots of love, 
S. mckenna Crawford

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