Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Transfers are in; and I am still in 'Country Club' Laredo!! 
Five Transfers, which will end up being about 7 1/2 months - that is almost half of my mission! Some of the blessings of remaining here include, I will get to finish training Sis. Hortal - I love training! And continue to hangout with the best members in the mission! Speaking of all the wonderful members here in Laredo, I went and said goodbye to all of them on Sunday and Monday; I even went by some of the former investigators that I had taught over the last six months. 
I will send home all the awkward fake-goodbye photos...

Some of the changes that this transfer brought, I have a new district leader. 
Well his name is Elder Rosero, he doesn't believe that knocking doors is effective or working out on the streets. His favorite part of missionary work is getting to know the members, so that is all that he wants our district to do...
We all have our own way of doing missionary work but I feel like I've learned the balance of working hard and being effective. You can't spend all your time doing one thing in life. Heavenly Father wants us to be balanced. I had no idea that I like to knock doors until he told us that we should stop... Anyways this new focus on working with members in the branch has brought an increase in success. We have had members at almost all of the lessons that we have taught over the last week, so 4 real lessons; that's not a lot but it is still progress. 
All of those four lessons were taught to a couple of my formers, Michael and Cecilla. 

Michael and Cecilla were people that I stopped by when I thought I was going to be transferred from Laredo, and I told them that they had to keep listening to the next set of missionaries. When I found out that I wasn't going to be transferred I called them and they both agreed to be baptized on the 14th of June. Watching people grow closer to Heavenly Father is way more rewarding when you truly know them and love them, I've had a lot of time to get to know these people and I definitely love them. I guess it makes sense that a missionary would love everyone that they meet cause there is so much that a missionary gives up just to be there and know them. 

That may not make sense but I am out of time.
 I love you, Laredo loves you and will continue to love you for at least another six weeks. 
H mckenna Crawford

Monday, May 18, 2015

Well another week has come and gone, and now tomorrow is transfers. As usual we
won't know who is leaving until later today or tonight. This morning I started packing since it's a lot easier to unpack than to flash pack in an hour.
This week a lot happened, but one of the highlights was working in a trio with two greenies over two areas. We did quite a bit of knocking doors but it payed off when we knocked the door of a girl and her boyfriend, Raul and Sylvia, who happen to be really good friends with one of the members in ysa and they asked some really good questions about the Book of Mormon. 
I love the Book of Mormon; if I know anything it is that the Book of Mormon is true. It's easy to come up with questions and doubts about Joseph Smith, but none of that really matters when you come to know that the Book of Mormon is true. 
Everyone should read, Moroni 10: 3-5 and then just pray again, or pray for the first time if you haven't already. The simpler the better and Heavenly Father won't withhold information if we genuinely ask, over and over. 
....I am sounding like such a missionary; but the Book of Mormon really is my favorite part of the gospel to share.
Hopefully the pictures will suffice for the summary of this past weeks events.

I love you. Laredo Loves U. 
H mckenna Crawford

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

     All right the most exciting part of this last week happened 2 days ago-HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!  It feels like, just last week were skyping home for Christmas.  This was extra special because I was able to see two extra special moms that I love, grandma Crawford and Jami were there with the whole crew. 
     Since it was Mothers Day none of the people we are working with came to church.  Our district leader gave us a commitment this last week to make plans to find a new investigator and present the plan to Heavenly Father in prayer and then do it. 
     Monday morning we said a prayer and told Heavenly Father that we would go to the street “Don Beto” and walk around the block twice, after we contacted all our referrals, and we would talk to everyone.  The second lap we met a man outside who told us to go talk to the old mexican woman at the end of the block.  We met Teresa Ramirez and a couple of her grand children.  She invited us in (which rarely happens) and we taught her about faith, repentance, hope/charity, baptism and the holy ghost.  As we talked we found out that she is good friends with some members in south Laredo and she’s been to church before.  We are now teaching the grandma, her daughter and the oldest grand-daughter. 

     In the bible dictionary under “prayer “ it says, “to align our will with God’s will and secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them.”  Nothing is to small to pray for and Heavenly Father is waiting and willing to help us when we ask for His help. 

     I went on an exchange with Sister Tippets and it seemed everyone we met or talked to from members, investigators, less actives, even the ice cream man driving the streets gave us treats: watermelon, popsicles, blended ‘sandra water’, fruit etc.  Sounds silly, but I sort of feel like Heavenly Father gave me a day of my favorite foods.

     Thanks for all the love and support, Happy Mother’s Day to all my favorite moms, and a shout out to my mom cause she is simply the BEST!

Laredo Loves You, x0x0

H. McKenna Crawford

Monday, May 4, 2015

We made it to the month of May! And as a result our car and money cards are full of fuel and we are good to go for another month of missionary work, #blessings. 

Tuesday (April 29th) Presidente Maluenda came up to Laredo and all the Laredo missionaries had their interviews. During these interviews we watched the video 'Spiritual Crocodiles' by E. Packer (its on YouTube and Mormon Channel, definitely watch it). 
FLASHBACK: the lesson about spiritual crocodiles was my favorite family home evening growing up and it's one of few that I really remember. 
The jist of the lesson is that we are surrounded by things that are extrememly dangerous to our spirits ( - small things that are subconcious. Often we don't recognize the danger of these things, until we've already become victim to the consequence.

I loved this lesson growing up and so we decided to share it with all the members who live in our area. I realized my whole cute life, I had missed the message - the Atonement is Real. 
Crocodiles in Africa when they capture their prey, they pull them under water into something called a 'death roll' and same with sins, they pull us down and give us no hope of escape. 
...but unlike the inevitable death of the african crocodiles victims, we can escape from sin. We have to turn to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and let them heal us. We have to be humble and willing to pull ourselves out of the crocodiles jaws. Its all a choice. That is a blessing, but we have to use it. 

Mini missionaries arrived this weekend! All the youth, 16 and older from Laredo seperated out and worked with us as our new companions for the weekend and it was so much fun! We had the cutest little chika, Adriana Pantoja. We visited some members with her, had a few lessons, a couple doors slammed in our faces and she just got to tag along with S. Hortal and I doing the day-to-day missionary routine. 
The best part of the mini-missionary experiences was that S. Pantoja was there when Jannet got confirmed a member of the church on Sunday and recieved the gift of the holy ghost! Pretty special moment, and it was fun to see S. Hortal explain things to our mini-missionary that I had to explain to her just 3 weeks ago. Time is going fast, and mother's day is this Sunday!

Hope this find you well, and remember to stay alert for those crocodiles!
Laredo loves You
H. mckenna Crawford