Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, June 29, 2015

This week has been wonderful and out of control. We are going through a bit of a dry patch as far as the work goes, no one has come to church with us for over the last month. Now that as a missionary is depressing. 

Yesterday, I spoke in church. I spoke twice actually - english for the family branch and spanish/english for ysa. I spoke on the power of having a personal testimony, but I adapted it a little for both branches. My talk in the family branch was trying to motivate all the members to learn to love Laredo (since most are here as Border Patrol workers) Anyway, I learned while preparing the talk and giving it that the only reason we do anything in the church. The only reason we will ever be motivated to act and live the gospel is because of our testimonies. If we truly know that the gospel is true, we will live it. And yet the only way that we will know that it is true, is if we live it. Basically everyone needs to go back to the basics and always be working on their relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ; its that simple. 

Also this week I turned 20 years old. I am not sure whether I am disgusted or happy about it, but either way another year has passed. Our plans for June 24th, were nothing different than a normal day of missionary work but I had been planning on wearing one of my cuter outfits and we were going to drive instead of bike, in celebration. 
S. Hortal surprised me and then surprised me again, and again and again all throughout the day! It was so much fun! She decorated our room with blue streamers and signs - trying to recreate water-skiing for me. Then her mom sent me birthday watermelon themed gifts! We had a watermelon birthday cake at district meeting the day before and the elders made me a banner. Then in the middle of the day, they had me play, "pin the crown on the queen (me)." and then put a pillowcase over my head and we met up with the zone at Olive Garden, craziness. We went to a members, the Peterson family, for dinner and they made me a huge salad with watermelon and lemon cake! It was the happiest meal of my whole mission. 

Sorry for the 'me-centered' paragraph but I had to recognize everything that everyone did for me. It was a super sweet birthday, and I hadn't planned on any of it. 
Miracle from the birthday we met - The Aguero Family. We just gave them a card on the street after an appointment fell through and they invited us back for Friday. During our short first conversation, they found out it was my birthday. So then when we got there on friday, she gave me cupcakes, a flower and a balloon as a happy late birthday - shocking! ...still didn't come to church but we're holding out hope for next week. 

Transfers are tomorrow, starting at 5am in the morning. Hopefully we will find out who is leaving before 10pm tonight. I am already packed, but this is now my third time packing in Laredo, so maybe I'll unpack for a third time as well - who knows. 

Either way, I love Laredo and all of you! Tenga una buena semana!
H. mckenna Crawford

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