Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Transfers are in and I am in the craziest area in the whole mission, I like to think of our area as the 'sister assistants to the president' or the 'assistants to the assistants.' I am in an area called, 'McAllen Norte' we live right next to the mission home and office. Our apartment is acctually where I stayed my first night in the mission. It may also be the most disgusting apartment of my whole mission thus far, I've probably just lucked out for the last year but all is well. 

Also I am getting a second chance to finish training, and my cute new companion's name is S. Eggett. She is already one of my most 'dedicated' missionary companions, the cute girl studies note-cards and reads out loud in spanish before going to bed while I go get a night time snack and bring out the ukelele - I think we are going to have a lot of fun though.
Back to our area, we cover something called the 'Rio Grande Valley', like the whole valley. We work in the 'young single adult' branch down here so we get to visit people within like an hour radius - no joke my hands are already sore from driving and holding onto the wheel, the work is super different than Laredo. But the weather is a lot more manageable down here so that is a plus. 

Update on the work down here, I haven't been able to meet all of the investigators that they were teaching before I got here but I've met a couple. We have Daniel who only speaks spanish and we got to meet with him on thursday but he doesn't have a phone and his car is broken so we haven't been able to get a hold of him. We also have Jay and Julia, they are this adorable young couple who live with some members from another ward. Jay and Julia aren't married but they clearly love each other and want to get married and have just been pushing it off. Naturally at the end of the first lesson we had with them, I offered to plan their wedding - they loved the idea; unfortunately that will mean that we will have to pass them off to different missionaries because they will no longer be single but I am still excited. 
Basically everything over the last week has just been flying by the seed of our pants, and its been so much fun! I am going to church in my old church building in Edinburg and I get to see alot of the members from my old area in the hallway - so much happiness. 

Miracle from yesterday, we were sitting in sacrament and it was testimony meeting. One of the testimonies was a young man named Joe. Joe got up and bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon - his 'buddies' and him listen to it out-loud on their drive to and from work everyday, he then explained how he could feel and see a different balance in his life and called himself a new member. But we met him and yesterday was his first time inside a mormon church building - we set up a time and taught him about the gospel of Christ last night with his friends (they are all ex-missionaries who are working for vivint). 

Saying goodbyes in Laredo was one of the hardest things thus far on the mission but new areas, people and environments are super exciting and are making some seriously good memories; so life is good. 
Sorry the update is a long one this time, lots of love!
H mckenna Crawford

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