Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, November 2, 2015

This has been quite the adventure. We had meetings and activities planned for almost every morning starting at 8am this week. Now, almost every single day of my mission up to this points has been spent with "studies", starting with personal study at 8am every morning for an hour. I was shocked over the course of the last week, the impact that it had on the day to have to 'make-up' studies at different times in the day or just cut them to 30 minutes, like seriously, having time to read, think and write what I have been learning in the scriptures makes a huge difference in the overall tone of the day - especially as a missionary. I didn't know how precious it was to me, until this week, as I had to adjust for all of our scheduled meetings. 

Anyway, the previous preparation day was spent - the entire day - on the king's family computer, as I watched defensive driving video after defensive driving video following each hour long clip with a quiz...and there were 6 videos to watch. Sister Hortal cleaned the King's home and folded there laundry as I sat on the computer, that poor cute girl. But she didn't complain. 

We had zone meetings and interviews for the whole zone with president this last week as well. President counseled me to learn 'who I am' and 'what I want' then fight for those things. Its definitely a principle of integrity and it's left me to ponder on the power and potential of agency. When you make decisions for ourselves, we don't have anyone to blame or praise when things fail or thrive, but it's so easy to pass off responsibility when you have a companion to counsel with. I guess, I need to have a bigger opinion, without losing the ability to listen. Interesting topic to ponder. 

The weather has been beautiful and horrendous. The wind and rain really picked up on thursday and was suppose to stay through the weekend, the power even went out in our whole apartment complex for most of the day on Friday, which is when we do our weekly planning - so that happened in the dark. Luckily, Saturday it cleared up in time for the tricker-treaters, though here on the island only one street on the whole island passes out candy - like thousands of people go to this one street, "Hawks Nest". We went around and 'Boo'ed all the members on the island and asked them to put 'Casper, the friendly ghost' on the door of someone that they'd like us to visit. Hopefully we'll meet some new people through our little friend, it was a fun week. 

In closing, my watch broke this week. Heartbreaking, it lasted this long without a new battery and then it died on me. I will be getting it fixed today, but it made me think of counsel that my Grandpa Hales gave to me before I left on the mission, he said, "Be like a watch." 
-with busy hands always doing good work. 
-with an open face always turned outward, looking for the opportunity to serve.
-well regulated, steady and dependable, worthy of other's trust. 
and full of good works.   
...I know that there was more but those are the ones that I have thought a lot about since my watch broke. I hope that when I end the mission and for the rest of my life, people can look to me and rely on me as much as their watches. 

waves of love from the gulf headed your way, hope this letter finds you well. 
S. mckenna Crawford

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