Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, November 23, 2015

In celebration of thanksgiving this week - I will go ahead and list somethings and events that I am grateful for from this last week. 

1. folding chairs, what john clap sat upon as he read aloud the Book of Mormon to us and we pulled a bunch of weeds in his yard
2. vocal cords, laughing after we knocked the 15th door in a row and no one was home. 
3. cars, since we spent five days on bikes
4. construction paper, for cut-out hearts to attack doorways of the people after they canceled an appointment
5. non-iphones, (people can't see when or if we received their messages) since we had three investigators text us on wednesday that they didn't want us to come by again and we just went by anyway - "what text message?" 
6. watermelon, I am always thankful for watermelon - and I bought some last week
7. gardens, we harvested some squash and ate it on Friday
8. 'sweet swirl' frozen yogurt, for when our dinner appointment fell through but we weren't near the apartment
9. my yellow nikes, and our morning runs on the sea wall
10. jean pants, since we got to do service projects three different times this last week. 
11. tights, since now it hit 60 degrees and my acclimated legs thought that they were popsicles.

Also I am grateful for the opportunity that I had yesterday to give the longest talk that I've given thus far in my life - 25 min people...that's right - and the meeting still ended early. 
While studying for that talk, I looked up the definition of 'grateful'. 
Grateful (according to my little-janky dictionary): feeling and showing appreciation for something that another has done or given. 

Now think about when have you 'felt' gratitude recently and then how have you 'shown' that feeling? The best things that we have to be grateful for are those things that Heavenly Father has given everyone access to, we just have to magnify them. 
I am grateful for my family and the plan that Heavenly Father created that we can be together forever with Him. I am grateful for my time to be able to serve as a full-time missionary and I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. ps; I love the Book of Mormon. 

Love y'all and Happy Thanksgiving
S. mckenna Crawford

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