Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Island life, is good. 
S. Hortal has officially flown the coop, and left me for the second time to go down to Brownsville. My new companion is S. Pirir, she was born in Guatemala and lived there for five years before their family moved to Utah. She is the third child of ten kids and is nearly 26 years old. 

The weather here is starting to change, we're getting cold fronts regularly and rainstorms occasionally, but it's been fun. I love knocking doors in the rain, I was asking S. Pirir what she liked to do before the mission and she was a latin ballroom dancer, naturally I asked her to show me some of the basic steps to her favorite dance, and now I know how to salsa. 

When you are left to know and do things on your own, you realize how much you don't know. At first the adjustment is a little frightful but then it becomes manageable with just persistence and patience. This last transfer, there were two other elders in our ward but then they both left and we got two new elders in our ward - the members and the new missionaries both keep contacting us to get information and questions answered. But heaven knows that I don't know most of what is going on, but it's been great. In those moments that I don't know what to do its been an opportunity to say a prayer and regain perspective. 
This last week we started inviting the members out to introduce us to their neighbors. We were visiting with S King this last week and she mentioned that one of her neighbors had just moved in and then we asked if we could go and meet them with her. We said a prayer and S King started asking all of these questions of what specifically we would say and do; well I sure didn't know. It terrified me, but that is when I just said a prayer and trusted in Heavenly Father that it would be fine. Small and Simple things are what guide our lives. 
We went and met her neighbor, they let us in and showed us their home. By the end of our visit the women offered to teach us how to sew and cook her special 'arroz con leche' and 'mexican rice'. It was a huge testament to me, even when you may not want to do something, if it's the right thing to do and you trust in Heavenly Father. The lord will provide.


happiness comes through trusting in the Lord. I love being a missionary! 
S mckenna Crawford

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