Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, July 13, 2015

We are so busy; and I am so grateful. The work down here is so much different than it was in the valley. We have appointments and lessons and we get to bike when we want and then are also hanging out with the cutest senior missionary couples ever for a couple hours a day - senior missionary couples know how to party, ease-dropping is a natural consequence in a little 20 ft. open office room and they are hilarious. 

Monday, we got to knock some doors and we basically don't know anyone in our area or how to go anywhere in our area so our lives revolve around a 1990s GPS. It often reboots itself and changes routes on us but we're surviving - getting lost can be fun. 
We have a couple of progressing investigators that are super fun, I've learned that I love teaching and I think I am getting better at it; definitely still don't want to be a teacher though. 
Tuesday we had interviews with President Maluenda, I feel like half of the mission is spent in meetings but its good. Lots of oportunities to hear new ways to improve and it will make the three hours of church when I get home for the rest of my life seem like nothing. 
President always gives us chapters to read/study and my chapters were: 
matthew 26, mark 14, luke 22
I got a lot out of them so I thought it would be good reading homework for all of you too; everything is about the atonement and how much we are willing to trust Heavenly Father with our lives.
Wednesday - Saturday, we just did missionary work. Knocked some doors, visited some people and had some good lessons.
Sunday, we got to teach Joe, and it was the best part of the whole week. Joe is working with Vivint down here for the summer, and is living with a bunch of returned missionaries who are also working with vivint for the summer. He is listening to the Book of Mormon on the hour long drive down to Rio Grande City everyday and is just overrall super cool. We taught the background of the Book of Mormon and all of the vivint workers and some of their wives just started telling different experiences that they had reading it. Such a cool experience. And just a great way to end the week.

my love for you, 
is as big as the state of texas,
and that is BIG.

H mckenna Crawford  

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