Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, May 4, 2015

We made it to the month of May! And as a result our car and money cards are full of fuel and we are good to go for another month of missionary work, #blessings. 

Tuesday (April 29th) Presidente Maluenda came up to Laredo and all the Laredo missionaries had their interviews. During these interviews we watched the video 'Spiritual Crocodiles' by E. Packer (its on YouTube and Mormon Channel, definitely watch it). 
FLASHBACK: the lesson about spiritual crocodiles was my favorite family home evening growing up and it's one of few that I really remember. 
The jist of the lesson is that we are surrounded by things that are extrememly dangerous to our spirits ( - small things that are subconcious. Often we don't recognize the danger of these things, until we've already become victim to the consequence.

I loved this lesson growing up and so we decided to share it with all the members who live in our area. I realized my whole cute life, I had missed the message - the Atonement is Real. 
Crocodiles in Africa when they capture their prey, they pull them under water into something called a 'death roll' and same with sins, they pull us down and give us no hope of escape. 
...but unlike the inevitable death of the african crocodiles victims, we can escape from sin. We have to turn to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and let them heal us. We have to be humble and willing to pull ourselves out of the crocodiles jaws. Its all a choice. That is a blessing, but we have to use it. 

Mini missionaries arrived this weekend! All the youth, 16 and older from Laredo seperated out and worked with us as our new companions for the weekend and it was so much fun! We had the cutest little chika, Adriana Pantoja. We visited some members with her, had a few lessons, a couple doors slammed in our faces and she just got to tag along with S. Hortal and I doing the day-to-day missionary routine. 
The best part of the mini-missionary experiences was that S. Pantoja was there when Jannet got confirmed a member of the church on Sunday and recieved the gift of the holy ghost! Pretty special moment, and it was fun to see S. Hortal explain things to our mini-missionary that I had to explain to her just 3 weeks ago. Time is going fast, and mother's day is this Sunday!

Hope this find you well, and remember to stay alert for those crocodiles!
Laredo loves You
H. mckenna Crawford

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