Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, April 27, 2015

It's officially beginning to be summer here in Texas, and the heat is unbelievably real. Here in Laredo, it's suppose to be like a desert climate but we've had some major storms recently which has made the air extrememly humid, like the minute we walk outside we're sweating...after our hour bike ride to the top of our area, we're drenched. 

Our investigator and now recent convert, Jannet lives at the bottom of our area on the TAMI-U Laredo Campus and then we had appointments with members every night, who live 5 miles in the opposite direction of the campus from our house...my leg muscles have grown in just two weeks, its rough. 

Our investigator Jannet got baptized this weekend. She is the cutest college girl in the world. She had been to church for over a month and we had her baptismal date set for May 10th. Well tuesday, during an exchange with S. Tovar (a sister missionary who lived with me in the Edinburg home) were teaching and Jannet stopped us and asked what was left for her to do before she could become a member of the church. We explained she needed to hear all the lessons. 
We went back Friday and Saturday to finish teaching the rest of the lessons and she had her baptismal interview and was baptized on Sunday. The whole Young Single Adult branch attended her baptism.  

Sunday was rather stressful in planning and organizing the baptism's details, we may have forgotten to tell Jannet to bring an extra towel, so she had to dry off with an extra baptismal suite and paper towels. 
Immediately after Jannet was baptized we rushed to the bathroom to greet her at the top of the stairs and she started to cry, which spiraled into S. Hortal crying (btw S. Hortal hit her one month mark in the mission on saturday) and we all exchanged wet hugs!
Love love love, that is really the only thing that we are suppose to spread here on earth. When we know how to truly LOVE everyone, we will be perfect.

Love someone today, tomorrow, the next day.....etc 

Happy Earth Day (from wednesday), hope you did something to 'grow your faith'! ...we handed out packets of seeds to our members and an  invitation to plant with love and faith.
 Just like gardening, it all takes work - don't stop!

Laredo Loves U
H mckenna Crawford

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