Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Okay this week was overrall really good and this week went by crazy fast! I just feel like I am doing so much and yet so little. I dont know how I feel about my spanish, the end of the CCM, or the start of McAllen in just over a week! CRAZY! Anyway this week was full of funny moments and things have just gotten more entertaining as our district has continued to get more comfortable. That is probably what I am currently most stressed about, just re-adjusting to a new group of people since I love the people I am with right now, however I like to think of myself as a happy and easy going person so I know I will be alright! This week: AUG. 16 - Not much happened throughout the day but night class got very entertaining and overwhelming. I love my maestro en la noche perro he thinks Im an idiot in the most kind way possible. I get really nervous when he watches me so anyway we had to do computer language time and we type out phrases that apply to the lessons and for one such phrase I kept getting the spelling or accents or word order wrong and he noticed so he parked himself behind my chair and watched as I got this one sentence wrong, and each time I got it wrong he said, "Boom & you did it again, Boom & you did it again. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom & you did it again. They just gave you the answer but no....Boom & you did it again." I was crying/sweating/laughing so hard, it was rough. Since then he has greeted me each night with, "Boom, como esta?" AUG. 17 - Domingo was bonita. I just really felt like the most important part of the gospel continued to hit home and that is that families can be together forever! Friends who arent members that are reading this- I love you guys and you need to become members solely because your families can be sealed for eternity and its awesome and then after this life you can meet your great and great, great and great, great, great grandparents and just chill with them forever in heaven, LOVE IT! AUG. 18 - Today we started to be the investigators as well as the missionaries so we are now teaching twice a day and being investigators twice a day. We got to make up investigator profiles and I am Tori and Sophie, both have their own back story but do you like who I named them after. Being a fake investigator is awesome, and its good practice for spanish. Also I started to create my own scripture marking system. I have all these different tabs for topics and then the tabs are colored by lessons (Ill send a picture soon when I am finished). Tambien I started an english fast for 48 hours but that ended up being very difficult. Heavenly Father blesses us when we do what we can and even though I sorta failed overrall at the english fast I could tell I was still receiving some extra language help for my efforts. AUG. 19 - I saw a baby!!! In the middle of class i was looking out the door window and saw another teacher walk by with his baby and I ran out after them and was able to say hi to his cute 5 month old baby, SO HAPPY! Now everytime I see that maestro I say, "Como esta su bebe?" and he replies, "Bien gracias hermana. Mi bebe es bien siempre." Love it. This afternoon I burned my left eye and it has been rojo ever since (like up until today and it is friday) possibly the most painful experience ever and definetly the most painful eye injury Ive ever had. Moral of the story dont put a puddle of hydrogen peroxide contact cleaner straight into your eye. No bueno. AUG. 20 - Woke up to a sweet note from mi companera this morning and my favorite cinnamon crackers from la tienda. I continued to go through this day with an eye in more pain than the day previous and it continually was leaking yellow puss, DISGUSTING! I seriously felt like an animal at the zoo the way some people were looking at me. My teachers laughed when I told them the story and master chan told me to keep my dirty eye shut because it was going to give him nightmares (when I type out the things he says they sound really mean but in reality he is hilarious and super sarcastic just so were clear). Mi companera wanted me to go to the enfermeria but I said absolutely not and it was going to get better on its own - and it has slowly but surely. AUG. 21 - In our service project, I learned how to fold fitted sheets - the proper way! Isnt that so cool? And whenever we work with the laundry they play music and I love it so that was awesome. I just was dancing around in this mini warehouse folding some fitted sheets to my hearts content. They mexican workers were dying and one kept taking pictures of me. Also casually got asked out on a date for after the mission by another random elder (who do these elders think they are) I laughed and was like maybe if we ever see each other again after this moment....and walked away. AUG. 22 (today) - Started off on a 6am run with Hermana Johnston and some of the elders. its Elder Scheffs birthday today so were throwing a mini surprise party for him later. Overrall a good week and in four days from now I will be having my next Pday so thats happy too. Be prepared for a final CCM update on wednesday! One more thing overrall about being here in the middle of mexico city - I have grown very fond of the constant sound of fireworks (people light them off daily in remembrance of different catholic saints) and car alarms (I dont understand why this is always a thing but seriously the car alarm sounds never end) both have become part of life here during lessons, study time, meals and bed time. I low-key love it. You guys are awesome and all the support means everything. I dont have a lot of email time but send me physical addresses for some fantastic cards and letters. XOXO ALL MY LOVE Boo o H. Crawford

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