Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Sunday, August 10, 2014


HOLA Familia & Friends, Okay well this week went by much faster and easier than the first ten days! I have had weirdness with the companera but its getting so much better. She is no joke smart when it comes to spanish which is proving to be an asset. I am learning so much so fast and as I have began to feel more comfortable I am being way more myself with just everyone - for better or for worse. I think the best way for you to get a small idea of what Ive been doing I will share a brief experience from each day this last week from my journal... AUG 1 - Two hemanas in my district, H. Dupape and H. Johnston started crying more like sobbing mid lesson today because they feel like they dont know what i going on and there isnt enough time to do the homework and learn the language. Im sorry but I am just not that stressed out - though maybe I should be sorry and stressed out. I am proud of myself, I am proud that I am just here and continueing to choose to stay here. This is hard but I can do it. AUG. 2 - Today we wrote letters of encouragement to all of the elders in our districts because some of them were having a really hard time. I used some of the happy letter paper that we got from michaels - everyone loved it. It felt good to do something nice just for them - I seriously wouldnt be able to survive if it werent for my district they are by far the best. AUG. 3 - The most important thing is the spirit and the faith you gain through the spirit that leads to action. Today we heard a devotional about a man who left his wife at home after she broke multiple bones in her leg - he gave her a blessing and she still wasnt healed so he left her to wait at home while he went to work (He was saying that you have to have faith, even when you cant tell a blessing has come immediately) She wasnt allowed to go to the hospital - in my opinion that is silly. Faith requires action. AUG. 4 - Today was our fist day with a break from teaching annoying - marallija! Totally deserve it, teaching is exhausting! Still praying ther is some big secret to make it easier that they just havent told us yet AUG. 5 - Well today was our fist complete fail of an attempt at -solo espanol- where you dont talk any english for a set amount of time! MUY DIFICIL! Its just instinct to break into english when your excited... AUG. 6 - At cena tonight I talked to a native spanish missionary while waiting for my toast to cook... well yeah, he thought I was a complete idiot. His companion kept trying to help me and translate what he would say into english but the guy I was talking to him would say, stop she can do it, stop, stop and then he would just laugh as I would say, lo siento. He was talking like mucho rapido - no comprendo. I mustve answered some of his questions wrong because he just was dying laughing by the end of our convo...I laughed at myself and just walked away. AUG. 7 - Tonight I tried to have a {get to know you} convo with Master Chan, he is our teacher and is only 4 months off the mission which means he is incredibly awkward around the sisters and really tries to avoid most contact. I asked him what he liked to do and what his favorite style of dance was, he looked at me like I was a vampire than said, no se. I continued to coherse an answer by prompting that possibly he was good at the flamingo... for some reason that was really funny to him and I had never seen him laugh before so I started laughing and that ended in tears of laughter - boy did it feel good. AUG. 8 - This morning we got to venture to the MExico City temple and it was amazing! We watched a video about eternal families, and I just cried. I felt so grateful for my family - like seriously you guys are just the absolute best people ever! Also I have NEVER EVER NEVER missed you all more than I do here every night. However, I have also had a testimony strengthener that I know that the book of mormon is truly the words of god and his prophets! I know that families can be together through the temple and that is why I am here. I want to help people learn that the gospel is all about happiness! Side note: this week an elder bore his testimony about feeling sad that he wasnt living up to his own potential and how he is really concerned that he is going to ruin someones chance for salvation because of his lack of focus. Well I just cordially shared that I didnt think that was true in the slightest and we have an opportunity to grow and learn all through our missions. We were given special talents and personalities that will help particular people we meet but no single missionary is so important that the ultimate well being of another persons sole rests on them. ....Not all the missionaries in my district agreed but I shared what I believe to be true so oh well. Overall this week was good. I love all of you and am so grateful for the support and prayers that have been sent my way! LOVE LOVE LOVE Boo or H. Crawford

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