Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Friday, August 15, 2014

3rd WEEK

Week three complete at the CCM! Lets go me! We all say this all the time but it is so true! "The days are like weeks here, yet the weeks are like days!" This week went by pretty fast and I am finally realizing that I am still in the [easy stage] I love the CCM! The food is good, the room is small but I love my roommates, like what am I gonna do when its go time? This saturday we are teaching our first real person - at least real in the sense that they are not a teacher! Exciting and yet very nerve racking for some reason. this weeks happenings: AUG. 9 - This day will go down in CCM history as the black plague flu or food poisoning but half our district was hit. We had 4 missionaries break down in the middle of class and run to the bathroom to deal with whatever they were dealing with. One of the elders proceeded to spend the next 36 hours in bed... it was the real deal. I wasnt sick though so happy day for me! AUG.10 - We were only partially at church thanks to the previous days illness madness and we had to rotate companions to make sure the people that werent sick were still able to attend things. I was one of the few at sacrament meeting and got spur of the moment called on to give my talk on baptism - all in spanish remind you. SCARY! I got a lot of compliments so thats good but I dont remember much of it - adrenaline blocked it out. AUG. 11 - Today we established a set time to go and get ice cream everyday, this sounds silly to include on the letter home but its one of my most treasured periods of the day - absolutely marallija! Spiritual note of the day I established my new personal goal of being more temperate - Alma 38:10-12. I just want to use more of myself to listen to others as opposed to be vocalizing my own thoughts. People here need alot of attention and I want to be better at giving it to them. AUG. 12 - This morning started off wonderful! I went on a 6am run with H. Johnston in the rain and that was so needed. It was freezing all day though and for whatever reason I could never warm up. AUG. 13 - Morning class started with exchanging tongue twisters with Maestro Cayatano, he is absolutely hilarious! heres a spanish one for you: {cuando cuentes cuentos cuenta cuantos cuentos porque si no sabes cuantos cuentos cuantas no sobras cuantos cuentos cuantas} We also started a fast for an elder in the branch suffering with anxiety hopefully he will feel more at peace. Tonight I gave the devotional of a missionary being like a watch! Everyone loved it so thanks grandpa hales! AUG. 14 - We fasted through breakfast so during the time we had for meal we went around and assigned each other colors - I was split yellow and tourquoise - love it. I also was able to hear music for the fist time today, it was all spanish jibberish but music none the less during our service project of folding laundry! Walking to class after dinner there were two elders behind us and I turned around and one of them was walking all weird, so I was like are you okay? Then he replied, "Id follow you anywhere, if your following the path of Christ." I said nothing turned back around and walked faster....so weird. Still not sure if it was a pickup line or a conversation starter. & this morning: I was reading in preperation for our next lesson with Jose Luis and I came across the story of Enoch {Moses 6: 21, 26-27, 31-34, 39; 7:1-2 y 69} Anyway Enoch was "slow of speech" and didnt feel capable but through Heavenly Father he was able to do amazing things and bring a whole city to Christ. I LOVE IT. Ether 12:27 through Heavenly Father weak things can become strong. I am definetly a weak thing and I cant wait to be made strong. Closing thought this week is, 99% of my favorite things about the gospel, I still dont understand yet - but hey Ive got the next 17 months to devote to learning about them and then the rest of my life so no worries. LOVE THIS GOSPEL AND ALL OF YOU! Thanks for the support XOXO H. Crawford o Boo

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