Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Hi. I'm Sister Crawford.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec 14, 2015 my last mission letter 

With a raincoat, happy heart and packed bags I rode down to McAllen from Corpus yesterday morning following the baptism of Meryk. As a 'congratulations' gift, we bought a journal and got all of Meryk's friends to write their testimonies in it; as well we had the chance to write ours. As I wrote it, I realized that my testimony is the most precious possession that I'm taking home with me from the mission, South Texas and all of the experiences that I have had here will be a positive influence on the rest of my life.

Meryk & his grandparents 

Some of the truths that I shared with Meryk and I'd like to share with you. 
I know that the Book of Mormon is true. And because of that, I know that Joseph Smith was a called as a prophet of God and we have a prophet of God today - the chain of the priesthood keys hasn't broken since then. 
I know that families are essential to progress and that Heavenly Father is truly our Father in Heaven, He has a perfect and unique plan for all of us to make it back to Him. But all of our plans revolve around the Savior. 
I know that Jesus Christ came to earth lived and died and resurrected. He is our perfect example, our best friend and knows everything that we go through in life. All sadness, temptations, sickness, sins, pains - anything and everything bad has been overcome by Him. Because of Him, we can overcome all of those things too. 

The Atonement is real, and repentance is real. We have to use them in our lives otherwise we'll never be happy, and that is the point of this life. 
Happiness is available to all of us, because we have been given the gift of agency; seriously that is the best gift ever. 
I know that the companionship of the Holy Ghost is real, we can rely on Him for comfort, counsel and protection. We just have to learn how to listen for Him. 

Testimonies are constantly growing and that is the best part. I knew all of these things before the mission, but my testimony of each one of them has grown hundred-fold since being out here, and I can't wait for it to continue growing through the rest of the experiences that I will have in life - it's a process and a short one at that. This life has got to be used to it's highest potential, since it really is not a lot of time until we will see our Father in Heaven again and the Savior, but that is a happy thing. 
I love the gospel and choosing the right, now it's time to "go and do" in the words of Nephi. 
training in Mexico at the start of my mission

Dec 27, 2015  9:00 am
10018 Farwest Dr SW Lakewood WA 
would love to see you

Love from a South Texan Princess, 
S. mckenna Crawford

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